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X-ray grid can be used with flat panel detector

Recently, Spanish customers inquired about the X-ray grid, which is equipped with a flat-panel detector. The parameters of the X-ray grid are size 17*17, grid density 215L, grid ratio 10:1, focal length 110-130CM, and 215L is the minimum. They want to buy the X-ray grid for testing. Ask for a quote. Ask the customer which model of the flat panel detector is? At present, the X-ray grid is 18*18,215L/inch, 10:1,130cm, available in stock, other specifications need to be customized, and the cycle is about 40 days. If you need this one, please provide the purchase quantity, shipping address, phone number, etc., and will make a quotation to the customer. The customer said that the test result with 208L is not good, and the distance between the X-ray grid and the flat panel is 4CM. The manufacturer suggested using the 215L X-ray grid, but he was still worried about the poor effect, and asked if we could return the product if it was not suitable. Tell our engineer that 215L X-ray grid is fine, but the flat panel and X-ray filter The distance of the wire grid is too far 4cm. In fact, the distance between the X-ray grid and the plate is as small as possible, and it is best not to exceed 2cm. Too far is not good. The customer said that because they are not in the same country, if they buy our X-ray grids cannot be returned or exchanged.
They received the quotation for the X-ray grid, because the distance between the flat panel and the X-ray grid is 4CM, which affects the imaging effect. They currently use 208L to test the results are not good, they are worried if they buy 215L X-ray filter The grid effect is not good, and it is still under discussion.
Ask the brand of the X-ray grid tested by the customer. According to experience, 215L is very suitable. If the customer is worried about the 230L grid we sell, the price is much more expensive. At present, the customer is still negotiating the X-ray filter Grid.

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