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X ray grid common size

X ray grid is usually used on X-ray machines. Commonly used x ray grid sizes are 15*18 (38cm×46cm) and 18*18 (46cm×46cm). These two sizes can be equipped with cassettes, CR IP boards or flat panels For detection. There are also some variable sizes, from standard 5×7” to 14×51”. Special size x ray grid can also be customized according to customer requirements. The size of x ray grid is one larger than the corresponding film size. In inches, the specific dimensions (inches) are as follows:
6×8 (15×20cm), 9×11 (23×28cm), 11×13 (28×33cm), 12×15 (30×38cm), 13×16 (33×40cm)
We can customize the x ray grid of these sizes.
See here, have you learned what are the common sizes of x ray grid. In addition, our company specializes in producing various x ray bucky stands, various types of x-ray machine parts, x-ray machine high-voltage cables, if you have similar Please send your request directly to my email:, we will contact you as soon as we receive the information.


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