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X-ray grid inquiry from South Africa

Yesterday, I received an inquiry. A client from Sao Tome and Principe needed to purchase an X-ray grid to be used on the filming table and the chest rack. I asked the customer for the required size, grid density, grid ratio and focal length, and the customer said that they need to check with their technicians. These are the most important indicators for purchasing an X-ray filter grid. The most commonly used sizes of X-ray filter grids are 15*18 and 18*18 inch X-ray grids. Of course, there are also other sizes, which need to be customized separately. In terms of grid density, there are conventional 103LP/IN and high-density grids, which need to be customized separately, and the price will be more expensive. Grid ratio, the most commonly used are 8:1 and 10:1, of which 10:1 is more used, and 12:1 is also useful, but it is also less. The focal length of our X-ray grid is available from 0.7 to 1.8 meters. Usually, the focal length of the photo frame is 1.8m, and the focal length of the filming bed is 1.0m. Other focal lengths can also be selected, such as One of my customers in Jiangsu has customized a focal length of 1.5 meters. Choose different X-ray grids according to the actual needs of customers.
In the end, the customer determined an X-ray grid with a size of 18*18, a grid ratio of 10:1, a grid density of 103LP/IN, and a focal length of 1.0m.
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