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x ray grid the same to you

In the context of the continued spread of the new crown epidemic, US President Trump has repeatedly declared victory over the new crown virus and urged the governor of the swing state to allow businesses to reopen.

But epidemiologists and economists have warned that the public health crisis and the economic crisis are closely related. Unless people can go out and consume with confidence, economic activity will not return to the new normal level.

On the 27th local time, the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book economic situation survey report showed that in recent weeks, economic activity in all regions of the United States has continued to decline significantly, car sales have fallen sharply, and tenants have not paid rent. The outlook for the US economy is still “extremely uncertain”, and US companies are pessimistic about how quickly everything can return to normal.

Trump somehow sent a “CHINA!” Netizen: The president has lost his mind

“The epidemic” is not over yet, and “protests” are coming one after another. Recently, a series of troubles have caused US President Trump to be scorched. On the 28th, Minnesota due to the “death of black people” broke out in protest riots. In the middle of the night, he tweeted hurriedly, calling the demonstrators “thugs”, and warned that “dare to rob and shoot.”

Early on the morning of the 29th local time in the United States, after waking up, Trump inexplicably sent a tweet. The content of the tweet was nothing but “CHINA!”, Which caused various speculations from outsiders, and many netizens also tweeted on their Twitter. Leave a message below.
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