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X-ray grid Trudeau evades criticism of Trump: Canada also faces racist challenge

Trudeau evades criticism of Trump: Canada also faces racist challenge
Original title: “What do you think Trump threatened to send troops to fight violence?” The Canadian Prime Minister remained silent for 20 seconds
According to CNN reports, on the 2nd local time, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau held a press conference. When asked how to view “Trump threatens to use military power against American protesters,” he remained silent for 20 seconds before speaking. Avoid criticizing Trump.
The report said that during the silence, Trudeau apparently looked uncomfortable and seemed to be considering how to respond. During that time he pursed his lips several times and sighed slightly. Finally, he said that Canada also faces the challenge of racism.
Trudeau said, “We are all watching what happened in America in fear and consternation. This is a moment to unite people, a moment to listen, a moment to understand what is unjust.”
He also said, “Now we also realize that Canadian blacks and people of color face discrimination every day, which is a living reality. There is systematic discrimination in Canada, which means we treat Canadian people of color differently.” .
When the reporter asked why he did not directly evaluate Trump’s move, Trudeau said that as prime minister, he focused his work on Canadians.


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