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X-ray grid used in NKO7G1 bucky stand

The quality of the picture can be improved by using the x-ray grid in conjunction with the bucky stand. The x-ray grid can eliminate the scattering rays.
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NKO7G1 bucky stand is a new multi-functional photographic device. Combined with the use of X-ray unit and x-ray grid, it can take radiography of head, chest, abdomen, joints, limbs and other parts of the human body.
Technical parameters:
(1) Lifting stroke of cartridge: 1 200 mm moving up and down the center of cartridge
(2) Size of x-ray grid: grid ratio of x-ray grid : 10:1 density: 103 lines/inch, focal length: 180cm
(3) Film size: 203mm *254mm (8 *10) to 356mm *432mm (14″*17″).


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