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X ray grids action

The role of X-ray grids is to filter scattered lines, reduce gray haze and improve contrast. X ray grids can improve the quality of flux when the thickness and density of the fluted object are relatively large.

X-ray grids are an indispensable part of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, which is called movable X-ray grid. It USES the metal plate to make the three-dimensional network structure, the shape geometry size and the original parallel grid type is the same.

In technology, it is equivalent to two parallel grid x ray grids mounted vertically together, and the filter within them is in a dual focusing state.The utility model can not only filter out scattering lines up to 95%, but also increase the transmission rate of effective X-ray lines.

The grid grid completely solves the defect of single direction filter line, and the ability of filtering scattering line can reach above 95%.

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