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An American customer inquire about our medical grid through this website

On April 8, 2023, an American customer inquired about our medical grid through the website. The specification is a round 9-inch, 40L/cm, used with a 9-inch image intensifier, and used for customer maintenance and replacement. We recommend a grid ratio of 8:1 or 10:1, a grid density of 40L/cm, and a focal length of 1 meter. We will confirm the inventory, send pictures and quotations to the customer, and the customer will accept it and enjoy the transaction.
Medical grid is a kind of medical equipment, usually installed in the transmission path of X-ray machine. Its role is to filter low-energy photons in the X-ray beam, because low-energy photons are not strong enough to penetrate the object under inspection and will only increase the exposure dose. Grids can help reduce the generation of such low-energy photons, thereby reducing the radiation dose received by inspected personnel and protecting their health and safety. In addition, the grid can also improve the clarity and contrast of X-ray imaging, making it easier for doctors to diagnose accurately.
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