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A research institute inquires about 6*8 x ray grid

I received an inquiry today about a 6*8 x ray grid from a research institute. The grid ratio is about 10:1, and the grid density is about 40LP. It can be used with a focal length of 0.7m. It can be used on an X-ray machine with a flat panel detector. The grid parameters of the grid are still in the research stage. It is recommended to use a grid with 15*18 10:1 40L and a focal length of 1 meter, and the price is about *. If you need a 6*8 x ray grid, this small size needs to be customized.
To popularize for everyone, the parameters of the grid of which brand and model of the flat panel detector are not specified arbitrarily, so when buying the grid, the size, grid ratio, grid density, and focal length must be accurate. It does not match the flat panel detector, which has a greater impact on the image effect.
Dear users, if you purchase an 6*8 x ray grid next time, I believe you should know all the parameters of the X-ray grid. If you have any questions, please call!


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