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Applicable to x-ray grids for U-arm.

Newheek’s x-ray grids are suitable for U-arm, mainly for Korean JPI. As the agent of Korea’s JPI x-ray grids in Shandong Province, China, we have already sold the x-ray grids at home and abroad, and obtained good customer feedback.

Newheek has 9×11, 14×14, 17×17 x-ray grids. It can be applied to all kinds of X-ray machines. Recently, many customers have consulted us about the suitable x-ray grids for U-arm. We will recommend our x-ray grids according to the size of flat panel detectors.

If you are using the 14 “x17” flat panel detector, we recommend our 14 “x17” x-ray grids. If you use the 17 “x17” flat panel detector, we recommend our 17 “x17” x-ray grid.

Parameters of fine X ray grid

If you are interested in our x-ray grids for U-arm, please feel free to contact us.


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