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    X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand

X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand

  • Name: Radiographic Grid X-ray

    Functions: x ray protect

    Size: 18″x18″

    Line: 103lp

    Ratio: 10:1

    F.D.: 180cm

    Type: Aluminum-Interspaced

    Absorber: Pb

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Quick Details

Properties : Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Name : X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand
Functions : x ray protect
Origin : JPI , Korea
Size : 18″x18″
Line : 103lp
Ratio : 10:1
F.D. : 180cm
Package : carton package
Type : x ray accessories
Item : medical lead anti scatter grid x rays
Supply Ability : 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
Standard carton package for medical lead anti scatter grid x rays.
Lead Time : within 10 working days


In photography, the X-ray Grid is placed between the film and the body, and the scattering rays can not pass through the gap between the lead strips because of their angle with the lead strip. Therefore, most of the scattering rays are absorbed by the lead strip, which greatly reduces the scattering rays received on the film, thus improving the contrast of the image, improving the imaging quality of the X-ray film and reducing the damage to the human body.

The X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand contain the purest lead to ensure superior efficiency in removing scattered radiation.
Superior quality Images are achieved through the use of aluminum inter-spacers and lead strips, precisely milled to uniformity.

Product Images
X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand view
Picture of X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand view

X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand package
Picture of X-ray Grid For Bucky Stand package

Newheek Advantages:

Original manufacturer of x-ray machine accessories for more than 16 years.

√ Customers could find all kinds of x-ray machine parts here.

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The common problems on the X-ray Grids
1. How many types of the X-ray Grids in NEWHEEK?
Newheek operate JPI’s grid and movable X-ray grid and specially customized grid.
2. What is the Payment Method ?
We could accept payment by TT, Western Union, Visa Credit Card, Paypal etc.
3. What is the interspaced material of the Grids?
Aluminum,Carbon or Fiber .
4. How long is the Lead Time?
Within 10 workdays for x ray Grids after receipt of payment.
5.Can the X-ray Grids be customized?
Of course sure, please send your request to We will contact you as soon as possible.

PDF :   Newheek Bucky Stand X-ray Grid

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