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Application of X-ray grid

The X-ray grid is used to reduce scattered light and improve image quality when taking X-ray photography.
The normal size of the X-ray grid is 15*18” and 18*18”, and the corresponding flat panel detector sizes are 14*17” and 17*17” respectively. You can also choose CR film box or IP board.
In daily work, the selection of the appropriate X-ray grid is determined according to the size of the frequently used kV. For example, when using high kV photography, for example, the tube voltage is above 90KV, it is best to use 10:1 or 12:1 For X-ray grid, if the tube voltage is below 90KV, a grid ratio of 8:1 and below should be used. When taking pictures more than 14cm thick, generally use 8:1 or 10:1 X-ray grid. The grid with high grid density is generally a fixed X-ray grid. Whether the X-ray grid is used or not is related to whether the X-ray dose received by the patient will increase many times. Therefore, the following two factors should be kept in mind when using the X-ray grid: increase the grid ratio and increase the patient’s dose; 2. For high-kV photos, high grid ratio grids are generally used. Air filtration technology can also be applied in one. For example, when taking a lateral view of the cervical spine, a clear picture can be taken without a grid;
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