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Can the 500mA X-ray machine use a fixed X-ray grid?

The fixed X-ray grid can be used for a 500mA X-ray machine. The fixed X-ray grid is used to eliminate scattered rays.
The standard configuration of the 500mA X-ray machine is: remote control station, high-voltage generator, X-ray tube assembly, automatic exposure control ionization chamber, multi-function camera bed, and fixed filter screen.
The 500mA X-ray machine is equipped with a vertical camera stand and a flat DR. The fixed X-ray grid of the vertical camera part: lifting range: 1450mm, the height of the camera from the center: 380mm, film specifications: 8″x10″, 10″x12″, 11″x14″, 12″ X15″, 14″x14″, 14″x17″, fixed X-ray grid: the grid density is 40 L/cm, the grid ratio is 10:01, and the convergence distance is 180 cm. So the 500mA X-ray machine can use a fixed X-ray grid.
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