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Where is the focal plane of the X-ray grid placed

When placing the X-ray grid, pay attention to place the focal plane of the X-ray grid in the X-ray direction, and be consistent with the direction of the human body and X-rays, so that the original emission line can pass through the maximum amount of X-ray filters. During the exposure process, the X-ray center line can be inclined to the lead rod without deviating from the center line of the X-ray grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction and the lead rod direction can be the same and the same horizontal line can be the same. To a certain extent, it passes the original emission line, and because the direction of the scattered light is different and disordered, it can absorb the scattered light well to improve the image quality. Therefore, photography has no concept here. The phenomenon that the X-ray grid absorbs the original emission line is called the cutting effect. In short, the reason for the cutting effect is the position of the X-ray grid. The angle of the reverse tilt may cause it to happen, and the X-ray focus is not consistent with the convergence line.
There are two types of X-ray grids, mobile X-ray grids and fixed X-ray grids. The fixed X-ray grid can be directly used for X-ray photography. When in use, the X-ray grid can be placed between the human body and the film box to achieve the purpose of filtering and eliminating scattered rays.

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