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Can the grid installation be installed on both sides?

Everyone knows that the main function of the grid is to filter out scattered rays and improve image quality. So how should we use and place it to properly play the role of the grid to filter out stray scattered rays and improve image quality? Let’s take a look at it together. The wire grid should be standardized when used, otherwise the effect of filtering out scattered rays will not be achieved, and the purpose of use will not be achieved.

The grid is divided into two sides, the front side is the focusing plane, the focusing plane is the focal plane, literally, the side facing the focal point of the X-ray tube, that is, the side with the convergence line. When placing the grid, be sure to pay attention to the focal plane facing the X-ray incident direction. The opposite side of the focal plane is called the back focal plane. When exposing, pay attention to the irradiation direction of the X-ray. The center line of the X-ray can be inclined at a certain angle according to the inclination direction of the lead bar on the basis of not deviating from the center line of the grid, so that the radiation direction of the X-ray is consistent with the direction of the lead bar. In this way, the maximum amount of the original emission line can be ensured through the grid to ensure the quality of the image.

When placing the wire grid, pay attention to placing the focusing surface towards the X-ray emission direction, and place it in the incident direction of the human body and the X-ray, and cannot deviate from the center line of the wire grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction and the lead direction can be aligned. The same horizontal line can pass the original emission line to the greatest extent, and because the scattered lines are in different and chaotic directions, the scattered lines can be well absorbed to improve the image quality.

Generally, there are labels on the grid. The easiest way is to stick the label on the front side, and the other side is the reverse side. The upper part is the upper part, and the downward part is the lower part. Having said so much, will you use the grid correctly?

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