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Can the X-ray grid be installed on the image intensifier?

A manager consulted about 9-inch and 6-inch X-ray grids. The customer used them on the image intensifier. He sent the label pictures of our existing stock X-ray grids to the customer. The customer called the X-ray grids. The grid parameters are ok, and there is no problem in using them on their image intensifiers. The X-ray grid used in the image intensifier is round, and our existing inventory has been drilled, and it can be installed directly. The customer said that their image intensifier is Italian, and the customer said that their image intensifier is Italian. The X-ray grid they want is without holes, and they inform the customer of Huarui’s current X-ray filter. The wire grids have mounting holes, but the holes are all within the field of view, which has no effect on the image in the normal use range, and there is no need to worry about it after all. The customer said to confirm the specific size, and then contact me. The final customer decided to have two 9-inch X-ray grids, each with a grid ratio of 10:1 and 8:1.
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