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X-ray grid for laboratory test panels

Recently, a medical company inquired about 17*17 flat panel X-ray grids, but their other parameters are unknown. They only know that the focal length is 1.5 meters. They inform that the flat panel X-ray grids are all customized. If the customer has other parameters If you don’t know, you need to fill in a questionnaire for the X-ray grid and send it to the customer.
After internal negotiation, they decided to purchase the X-ray grid aluminum-based carbon plate with the following parameters, size: 17 inches, grid ratio: 8:1, grid density: 70~90lp/cm, focal length: 80cm-100cm. I asked about a focal length of 1 meter, a density of 40 lp/cm, a grid ratio of 10:1, a quoted price, one piece, including tax and shipping. Is the customer asking for aluminum-based carbon plate? Tell it to aluminum plate, carbon plate is much more expensive, Few customers want it, and there is no stock at present. Delivery time 30-40 days, quotation *yuan
Send the quotation and information of the grid to the customer’s mailbox. The customer wants a focal length of 80, and the customer normally uses a 1 meter. Customized and additional money, the delivery period is about 30 days.
Ask about the size/thickness of the X-ray grid and how to install it. They are used in the laboratory without a bed. They just put the plate in the lead box, and they can put the X-ray grid directly on the plate. The size is 18*18, the thickness is 2.4mm.
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