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Can x ray grid be placed on all types of vertical stand?

There are many types of vertical bucky stand, only part of vertical bucky stand can be placed with x ray grid.
Our vertical bucky stand has a variety of options, such as manual, electric, fixed, mobile, etc.
The radius of the movable X ray grid
Our vertical vertical bucky stand has an open door and a new mobile vertical bucky stand which can place filter grids.
Super x ray grid effect
Both stand have two sizes of 14 “X17” and 17 “X17”. They can place cassette and DR. If you need to place filter grids, for open-door vertical bucky stand, you should use wireless DR when placing DR.
X ray grids action
There is also a special DR camera rack, you can also place a filter grating, the filter grating hanging outside the camera rack, in general, we recommend you choose the above two, DR special vertical bucky stand is more inconvenient to use.


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