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China customer consultation X-ray grid

China customers see the X-ray grid sold by our company and call for consultation. We learned that the customer is a flat panel detector manufacturer, and his customer bought a 14*17 size flat panel detector from him and requested to be equipped with an X-ray grid.
The customer’s flat-panel detector is mainly used for horizontal shooting. We confirmed to the customer that the required X-ray grid size is 15*18 inches, the focal length is 1 meter, and the grid density is 80L/cm. The customer said that the X-ray grid used by the end customer was the JPI brand, and felt that the shooting effect was not very good, and wanted to find a better X-ray grid to use at a lower price. We explained to our customers that we are JPI’s agent in China, and the X-ray grids sold have good shooting effects. At present, most of the X-ray grids used in the market are still JPI. The customer said that we should check with the end customer.

X-ray grid


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