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Precautions during use of X-ray grid

X-ray grids need to pay attention to the focal point of the X-ray tube to coincide with the convergence line in order to make the radiation direction of the original emission line consistent with the lead strip direction to pass the X-ray grid. If the focus of the X-ray tube is The convergence line of the X-ray grid is not in a coincident state, or the X-ray grid does not fall within the specified focal length when the X-ray grid is installed, the original emission line will lose too much, and the focus will deviate from the convergence line. The greater the difference between the focal length and the focal length, the greater the loss of the original emission line. It is also necessary to pay attention to the distance between the focal point and the film box. At this time, it is called the focal length for short, and the focal length should correspond to the focal length of the X-ray grid. The two are mutually opposing. At this time, a range value should be specified, and the change range of the focal length of the specified range cannot be greater than or less than 25% of the focal length, or the pass rate of the original emission line at the edge of the effective area of the X-ray grid cannot be low This is the limit value at 40%.

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