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Classification of x-ray grid

The x-ray grid can be divided into many types according to the structure and material.
Firstly, according to the structure classification, the x-ray grid are divided into convergent grids, parallel grids, crossover grids, and circular arcs. The converging grid is the x-ray grid with each lead bar tilting to the focal point, that is, the lead strip extension line focuses on the focus. The parallel grid is a grid with each lead parallel to each other in the vertical plane. The cross gate is composed of two parallel grids, and the lead bar is 90 degrees. The circular grating is formed by the expansion of the equal radius of the center.
The x-ray grid are classified according to their materials, and are divided into two types: common grid and all metal x-ray grid. The internal spacers of the common x-ray grid are composed of non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, plastic and other non-metallic low density materials. The internal spacers of all metal gratings are metal materials such as aluminum sheets. The x-ray grid has high strength and good moisture resistance.
Classification of x-ray grid

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