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Composition of an X-ray grid

The X-ray grid looks like a 4-8mm thick slab. The internal structure is formed by intersecting many thin lead bars.The two lead strips are filled and positioned with X-ray permeable material and glued together.
X-ray grids are usually made of lead with a small volume and high absorbency. The medium between the absorbers is paper, fiber, aluminum, or an inelastic foam with high resistance.
Composition of an X ray grid
Although X-ray grid can reduce the scattered radiation generated in the object to be examined and improve the imaging quality, it also blocks some of the x-rays that should be directed at X-ray detectors.
The role of X-ray grid is to improve the quality of photography, filter scattering lines, reduce gray haze and improve contrast when the thickness and density of the object being photographed are relatively large. Generally, the use of high-frequency machine photography is recommended to use a filter grid, the effect will be better.
Newheek X-ray grid is divided into a variety of types and models, can be matched with different types of X-ray machine.


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