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Customer from Africa came to inquire about our X ray grid

Recently, a customer from Africa came to inquire about our x ray grid. The customer wants to buy a movable electric grid. Ask if we have it, and ask what equipment the customer is mainly using. The customer’s reply is to take pictures on an ordinary X-ray machine. To use, after sending the product information to the customer, it is easy for the customer to choose the fixed grid. Let’s take a look at the difference between the movable grid and the fixed grid.
First, the X ray grid can be divided into fixed and mobile according to the movement mode:
Fixed grids have high requirements on their grid density, because grids with too low grid density are likely to cause lead streaks and affect the image. Therefore, fixed grids generally use high grid density. The movable grid can also be called a filter device. It is composed of a grid, a driving device and a tray. The driving device makes the grid move in a direction perpendicular to the arrangement direction of the lead before exposure until the exposure is completed. The post-stop can well avoid the lead stripe shadow, so the movable grid does not require high grid density and can be used with low grid density.

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