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Customers from Shenyang consult our x ray grid

A customer from Shenyang called Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to ask about the x ray grid. The customer’s requirements are: size 15*18, focal length: 1.8 meters, grid ratio 14:1, mainly used for making pneumoconiograms on chest radiographs. Yes, I also want to purchase two pairs of imported medium-speed intensifying screens. Let me take a look at the JPI filter grid.

Our x ray grid is imported from South Korea JPI. According to its requirements, the x ray grid density is at least 130 lines/inch or 150 lines/inch. This price is relatively expensive and needs to be customized. If the x ray grid ratio is 14:1, it is necessary to further determine whether Korean manufacturers can make special orders, because now the x ray grid ratio can be up to 12:1. Customized processing time is at least 40 days. Let the customer finally confirm whether it is 130 lines/inch, 12:1, or 150 lines/inch, 12:1. In addition, regarding the medium-speed intensifying screen, our company only produces domestically, but does not import. It is recommended that customers directly contact the manufacturer of the intensifying screen.

The final customer decided to purchase a x ray grid with a size of 15*18, a focal length of 1.8 meters, a grid ratio of 12:1, and a grid density of 150 lines/inch. Sign a purchase contract with the customer, the contract stipulates that the goods will be shipped within 40 days, and the goods will be shipped after payment.

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