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Different devices adapt to different flip grids

Flip grid is divided into fixed type and mobile type. A fixed flip grid has higher requirements for grid density, and a flip grid with a low grid ratio can be made into a movable flip grid. When using a flip grid, the X-ray machine tube should be perpendicular and parallel to the flip grid, so that scattered rays can be filtered without causing lead shadows.
The structure specification of the flip grid determines the intensity of the flip grid to filter out the scattered rays. Its main specifications are focal length, grid ratio and grid density. The focal length can be understood as the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead bar to the midpoint of the grid, and the focal length can also be understood as the radius. As the name implies, the grid ratio is the ratio. It is the ratio of the height of the grid of the flip grid to the gap between adjacent grids. The larger the grid density value, the stronger the ability to filter out scattered light.
It’s not that the grid with higher grid density is better. The parameters of the flip grid should match the X-ray machine to achieve the best results. If you need to purchase a grid to improve the image quality of the X-ray machine, please Contact us, we will give the best plan and advice.


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