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Dimensions of stationary x-ray grids.

The main function of the x-ray grid is to filter out the scattered rays and make the image clearer.

Recently, when many customers are asking about the x-ray grids, they are not very clear about the size of the grids. Newheek’s stationary x-ray grids are mainly Korean JPI x-ray grids. As the agent of Korean JPI x-ray grids in Shandong Province, China, we mainly sell 14 “x17” and 17 “x17” sizes.

But many customers are not sure about the size of x-ray grids, so they often make mistakes.

Ordinarily, customers will ask if we have 15 “x18” or 18 “x18” stationary x-ray grids. In fact, this refers to the size of 14 “x17” and 17 “x17” x-ray grids.

Use of bucky potter grid

Of course, sometimes customers will confuse the two corresponding sizes. In this case, we need to explain the relevant information to customers.


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