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Size of x-ray grids.

The x-ray grid is used to filter the effect of scattered rays on film. It should be placed between human body and film. It can filter out most scattered rays, only a small part of scattered rays. When the thickness and density of the object are relatively large, the x-ray grid can improve the quality of the film, filter the scattering lines, reduce the fog and improve the contrast. Newheek mainly sells 14 “x17” and 17 “x17” sizes of x-ray grids.

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Ordinarily, customers will ask if we have 15 “x18” or 18 “x18” fixed x-ray grids. In fact, this refers to the size of 14 “x17” and 17 “x17” x-ray grids.

Sometimes they will meet customers who say 14 “x18” or 15 “x17”. In this case, we need to explain the situation to the customer, explain to the customer, and recommend related products to the customer.


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