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Do chest X-rays require a wire grid?

The wire grid is a device used to filter scattered rays and increase the clarity of the image. It is generally placed between the flat panel detector and the human body to filter the scattered rays that pass through the human body. When purchasing a DR-type X-ray machine or upgrading a DR, customers often ask whether a wire grid needs to be used for chest X-rays. Here I will answer the question.
Generally speaking, the grid is optional for users to choose, so if the chest X-ray taken by the X-ray machine itself is very clear, there is no need to use the grid. But if the chest X-ray is very blurry and obstructs the observation, then you need to use a wire grid. In addition, the installation of the wire grid should also consider the situation of the film clip. The film clip of some photographic frames does not have the space for installing the wire grid, so the wire grid cannot be used. And if the chest X-ray taken after installing the wire grid is still very blurry, it is necessary to consider whether other equipment has failed.
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