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Domestic website inquiry Hebei customer inquiry filter grid

10.26 Hebei customers inquired about the filter grid, the customer is not sure whether it is an X-ray machine or the filter grid can not be used, inquire about the filter grid, add WeChat, and use it on the sickle arm, (grid specifications: size 498.5*449mm, grid The grid ratio is 8:1, the grid density is 70L, and the focal length is 130cm). The customer asked if there was oil pollution on the wire grid, and told the oil pollution was fine, just wipe it. The customer said that the image has patterns, and there are also after taking off the wire grid. It may not be the problem of the grid, but it may be related to the flat panel detector software. Tell the customer to consult the flat panel manufacturer and ask for the full name of the company, but the customer did not reply.
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The application of breast X ray grid

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