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Does chest DR need a wire grid?


Does chest DR need a wire grid? Theoretically it is needed. Although the grid is usually an optional product in the sales of the chest rack, there is still a certain difference between the image with the grid and the image without the grid.

Let me briefly introduce our mobile camera rack: this chest rack does not need to be equipped with a filter grid.

1. Model: NK17FY
2. Uses: It is suitable for photographing inspection of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body.
3. Function: This device is composed of upright column, slide frame, film holder, two-folding support arm and mobile base. It can be used with different sizes of ordinary X-ray film cassettes, CR IP board and flat panel detector DR.
4. Features: The overall weight is relatively light, suitable for field rescue and rural medical examination.
5. Main technical parameters
① The total height of the photographic frame is 1740 mm;
② The height of the handle from the ground is 960 mm;
③ Base size 480 mm*480 mm;
④ Maximum film size: 17″×17″, the slot width is suitable for boards with a thickness of <28mm;
⑤ The support arm can withstand 15 KG, can swing 180 degrees left and right, can swing up and down -50/+30 degrees.
⑥ The lowest position photography of the foot is possible.

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