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Does DR photography filter the line grid

Has the customer DR photography add filter line grid recently? In fact, this problem is very good to reply, add or not filter grid mainly depends on the needs of customers
If the user has requirements on the image effect, then DR photography plus filter grid, if the budget is limited, you can choose not to add filter grid.
When it comes to the filter grid, we all know that the filter grid is to make the image clearer and absorb clutter scattering
Line, filter grid is used for X-ray machine, chest film frame and so on, at present my company agent Dr Filter grid has a variety of, the following to introduce the characteristics and advantages of Dr Filter grid is what?
(1) The application of high purity lead in the filter grid provides high efficiency in preventing scattering.
(2) The precise combination of aluminum base and aluminum strip makes high quality images possible.
(3) The smooth aluminum cover wraps the lead grid, and is glazed, so that the filter grid from heat and dust erosion, long years of maintenance.

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