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DR commonly used X-ray grid is active

Some customers inquire about DR commonly used X-ray grids. When customers inquire about X-ray grids, we usually first ask about the parameters of X-ray grid size, grid ratio, grid density and focal length. The commonly used X-ray grid has a size of 15*18, a grid ratio of 10:1, and a grid density of 103L/IN. The focal length of the grid used on the chest frame is 1.8 meters, and the focal length of the grid used on the filming bed is 1 meter or 1.2 meters. Therefore, after confirming these parameters, we recommend a suitable grid to the customer. The commonly used X-ray grid for DR is a movable grid, which needs to refer to the parameters of the DR flat panel detector.

The movable X-ray grid is composed of a grid, a driving device and a tray. The driving device makes the movable X-ray grid move in a direction perpendicular to the arrangement direction of the lead strips before exposure and stop after the exposure is completed. Avoid causing lead shadows, so the movable X-ray grid does not require high grid density, and a low-density grid can be used.
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How are movable X ray grids arranged


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