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DR equipment needs to be equipped with grid

A medical device company needs to equip the hospital’s DR with a grid, which requires a high-density grid of 80 lines/cm, because the hospital used this one before.
The wire grid of the high density grid of 80 lines/cm is more difficult to manufacture, so the price is also expensive. Because the previous DR did not have the shadow elimination function, it is necessary to choose a high-density grid grid, but today’s new DR will have the shadow elimination function, and a low-density grid will do. But this function will have a certain degree of image effect.
And many DRs have a vibration function, which allows the grid to vibrate, so that even a low-density grid can be used without the grid shadow elimination function, and the effect is very good.
To provide customer solutions, continue to use 80 lines/cm high-density grid grid, or modify the film box to become a vibrating grid. The customer responds and communicates with the hospital.



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