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Is the 18×18 grid available in stock?

Recently, a client from a medical company came to inquire about the 18×18 grid. The customer is a manufacturer of DR X-ray machines and wants our 18×18 grid for matching. I gave a brief introduction to the customer, and the customer asked about the delivery date. I asked the customer how much grid ratio does it need? How dense is it? What’s the focal length? What is the order quantity at one time? These can affect the delivery time. The customer said that it needs a 10.:1, 40Lp/cm, and a focal length of 1m or 1.8m. For the order quantity, it will be set a little less in the early stage for trial use, and may be ordered in batches in the later stage. Since the grids requested by customers are of regular size, we have stocks, so the delivery time is very short. In the later stage, if the purchase is regular, the goods will be stocked in advance, so the delivery time is not a problem. Then, we exchanged views on other issues. Customers are very satisfied with our products, and then we will make further communication on the price of bulk purchases.
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