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DR grid positive and negative

The X-ray grid is the best choice to eliminate scattered rays, which can make the image clearer. In general, when the thickness of the illuminated object is greater than 10CM, the grid should be used. The thinner the illuminated object, the smaller the required breakdown dose (kV value), and the more scattered rays
Less, the higher the contrast, and the thicker the subject, the greater the required breakdown dose (kV value), the exponential rise of scattered rays, and the greater the degree of image blur.
How is the wire grid produced? The conventional wire grid is produced with lead strips on the top and aluminum strips on the bottom, which are cut off piece by piece, stacked together, and then packaged when they are full.
What does the focal length (FD) of the grid mean? Is it the same as SID?
FD is the distance between the tube and the grid bottom plate. SID is the distance between the tube and the upper surface of the FPD.
How should the grid be installed? Is there a pros and cons?
The answer is, of course, there are positive and negative points. The grid is generally labeled on the front side, and the front side faces the X-ray tube.


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