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During the epidemic the X-ray grid plays a key role in the image effect

On June 6, local time, protest demonstrations against African Americans killed by police violent law enforcement across the United States have entered the 12th day. Protests in major cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington continue. Aerial footage showed thousands of protesters crowding the streets.
Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser also joined the protest team that day. She said that today we say “No”, and in November, we will say “Next (President)”.
According to US media reports, protesters in many places in the United States have reached record levels, and continuous protests have intensified the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.
According to data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6th Eastern Time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States has exceeded 1.92 million, and the number of deaths is approaching 110,000.


The role of the X-ray grid of the x-ray machine: filter scattered rays, reduce gray haze, and improve contrast. With the X-ray grid, the film was clearer. The X-ray grid plays a key role in diagnosing chest inflammation.



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