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Do you know what structures of the x ray grid ?

A customer in Shandong called us to consult our x ray grid, saying that it was used as a supporting experiment for a school, but it is not clear what kind of grid is needed. I hope we can help recommend it. Do you know what structures of the x ray grid ? Let’s take a look.
According to the material:
1. Commonly used wire grids: the internal spacer is a non-metallic material title, into wood chips, paper chips, plastics and other non-metallic low-density materials.
2. All-metal wire grid: internal spacers are metal materials: aluminum sheet has high strength and good moisture resistance.
Structure of the wire grid:
The appearance of the x ray grid is a flat plate with a thickness of 4~8MM. The internal structure is made of many thin lead bars arranged in focus. The two lead bars are filled with X-ray transparent material for positioning, and are bonded together.
The filler can be wood, paper or aluminum sheet. Finally, the top and bottom are encapsulated with a thin aluminum plate or carbon fiber panel to form an x ray grid.


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