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Fixed and movable x ray grids

According to the working state, the x ray grid can be divided into fixed x ray grid and movable x ray grid. The function of thex ray grid is to absorb stray rays when shooting, make the picture clearer and reduce the radiation of rays to the human body. When in use, the x ray grid is placed between the human body and the cassette. The movable x ray grid needs to be installed in a movable cassette device when it is used. Using the movable x ray grid can not only eliminate the stray rays, but also shake off the x ray grid shadow of the lead bar. However, due to the high-speed movement of the x ray grid when it is used, the motor will produce electromagnetic interference. As a result, there are many fixed x ray grids. Customers can choose the size, x ray grid density and focal length according to their needs.
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Classification of X ray grids


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