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Difference between moving x ray grid and fixed x ray grid

There are two types of x ray grid, moving x ray grid and fixed x ray grid. The fixed x ray grid can be directly used in X-ray photography. When in use, the filter grid can be placed between the human body and the film box to realize the purpose of filtering and eliminating scattered rays. It is easy to use and simple in structure, but if the grid density is too small, it will produce lead shadow and affect the diagnosis.
Mobile x ray grid: it starts to move perpendicular to the direction of lead bar before exposure, and stops after exposure. The problem of the shadow of the lead bar caused by the low density of the fixed x ray grid is solved.
How to install the x ray grid:
When installing the x ray grid, we should pay attention to the installation direction of the x ray grid. The front of the x ray grid should face the human body and the direction of X-ray incidence. In order to obtain the best quality image, we should not deviate the x ray grid from the center and keep parallel with the ball tube. Once there is an angle, the image quality will be improved. Remember to handle with care during installation.
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