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Fixed X-ray grid advantages

Fixed X-ray grid in the vertical axis of the lead arrangement, that is, grid.Divided into linear grid and grid grid.If geometric classification, fixed X-ray grid is divided into parallel grid and focus grid;According to the structure classification, the filter grid is divided into static grid and active filter.
Fixed X-ray grid can filter scattered lines, reduce gray haze and improve contrast. Therefore, fixed X-ray grid is often placed between film and limb in X-ray photography to reduce the impact of scattered lines on image quality.
Fixed X ray grid advantages
1.The application of high purity lead in JPI fixed X-ray grid provides high efficiency in anti-scattering.
2.The precise combination of aluminum base and strip makes high quality images possible.
3.The smooth aluminum cover is covered with lead bars and enameled to protect the filter bars from heat and dust and from years of maintenance.
Newheek fixed X-ray grid can be divided into several types to meet your different purchase needs.


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