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Classification of X-ray grids

X-ray grid is a very important part of X-ray machine, which is mainly used to filter the influence of scattered rays on film or image.Placed between the human body and the film, most of the scattered lines can be filtered out and only a small part of the scattered lines can be missed.
Classification of X-ray grid:
According to the structure, it is divided into:
1. Convergent grid: each lead bar inclines to the focus, that is, the extension cord of the lead bar focuses on the focus.
2. Parallel bars: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane.
3, crossing gate: made up by two layers of parallel grating, lead each other into 90 ° direction.
4, arc grid: from the center to the outside of the extension of equal radius overlapping, tile shape.
According to the material:
1. Commonly used X-ray grid: the internal spacer is non-metallic material title, and non-metallic low-density materials such as wood chips, paper, plastic, etc.
2, all metal X-ray grid: the internal spacer is metal material: aluminum sheet has high strength and good moisture resistance.
Classification of X ray grids
Structure of X-ray grid:
The X-ray grid version looks like a 4-8mm thick tablet.The internal structure is made up of many thin lead bars arranged to focus.The two lead strips are filled and positioned with X-ray permeable material and glued together.
Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets.Finally up and down with thin aluminum or carbon fiber panel packaging, forming a screen grid version.
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