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Fixed X-ray grid composition

Fixed X-ray grid is composed of a number of thin lead bars and low-density materials that are easy to pass through the X-ray as fillings, arranged alternately. In X-ray photography, the center line of the X-ray should be aligned with the center of the filter grid plate. The original ray projection direction is in the same direction as the lead alignment gap of fixed X-ray grid, and the film can be generated through the lead gap.
Fixed X ray grid composition
Since the scattering lines generated by the irradiated body are multi-centered and multi-directional, most of the scattered rays are absorbed by the lead bar and only a small part of them pass through.
The ratio of fixed X-ray grid lead bar height to filler amplitude is the grid ratio.The logarithm of lines formed by the lead bar and its spacing, usually expressed as “line /cm”.
Newheek fixed X-ray grid is divided into convergent grid, parallel grid, cross grid and arc grid.
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