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Focused grids introduction

Focused grids are divided into:
1 convergent x-ray grids : each lead bar is inclined to the focus, that is, the extension line of the lead bar is concentrated in the focus
Parallel bars: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane
3 cross gate: made up by two layers of parallel grating, lead each other into 90 ° direction
4 arc grid: from the center to the outside of the extension of equal radius overlapping, tile shape
Focused grid introduction
Focused grids according to material:
1 commonly used focused grids: the internal spacer is nonmetallic materials, including wood chips, paper, plastic and other nonmetallic low-density materials
2. All metal focused grids: metal material: aluminum sheet has high strength and good moisture resistance
The focused grids version looks like a 4-8mm thick tablet.The internal structure is made up of many thin lead bars arranged to focus.The two lead strips are filled and positioned with X-ray permeable material and glued together.Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets.Finally, the upper and lower sides are wrapped with thin aluminum plates to form focused grids.From the cross section, the filter plate lead bars are aligned to a point.From the whole grid board, there is a convergence line.
Focused grids introduction
Focused grids parameters:
1 focal length: the vertical distance from the convergence line of lead bar to the surface of grid plate, f
2 grid ratio: also grid ratio, is the ratio of lead height to lead clearance, R
Grid density: the number of lead bars per unit distance, N
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