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Function of X-ray Grid

There are two kinds of situations when the original X-ray emitted by X-ray tube enters the body:

  1. Transmission: X-ray passes through the human body, consumes part of its energy in the human body, and attenuates its own energy. The attenuated primary X-ray contains the information of human tissue density, which should be fully utilized in X-ray imaging.
  2. Scattering: X-ray and human tissues change direction by Compton effect. Scattering rays in any direction can’t produce image density related to human anatomical morphology, but only increase the fog, which reduces the image clarity.

So in this case, filter screen is needed to filter the scattered light generated by the human body in photography.Importance of x-ray grid

The Grid is used to filter the effect of scattered rays on film.

It should be placed between the human body and the film. Most of the scattering rays can be filtered out, only a small part of the scattering rays can be missed.

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