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Gate ratio of x ray grids

The x ray grids exterior is a 4~8MM thick tablet. The internal structure is formed by the alignment of many thin lead bars to the focus. The two lead strips are positioned and cemented together with a substance that penetrates x-rays. Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets. Finally upper and lower with thin aluminum boards encapsulated to form the fixed x-ray grid.
The grid ratio of x ray grids is the ratio of the height of the filter lead rod to its spacing.
Gate ratio of x ray grids
Grid ratio affects the efficiency of X-ray grids for absorbing scattered lines. The two are positively proportional, and the increase of photography condition is also increased. The setting range of gate ratio is generally 4 ~ 16.
In practical application, it is 6:1 and 8:1 mostly.
Newheek x ray grids are divided into parallel grids, arc grids, cross grids and convergent grids.They apply to different fields.
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