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Jpi x ray performance advantages

Jpi X-ray is an important part of improving image quality. The workflow of bedside radiography is complex and the dose is high, but there is no X-ray grids with strong scattering lines. The image quality cannot meet the diagnostic requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to further simplify the workflow and improve the image quality.Jpi x ray is an important part of X-ray machine.
Jpi x ray performance advantages
Newheek introduces intelligent jpi X-ray technology, whose scattering correction algorithm brings high-quality bedside imaging without jpi X-ray, and gets rid of the constraint of jpi X-ray to achieve better image and lower dose, which is suitable for all patients, such as obese patients, while reducing the examination time and making the positioning more comfortable.
Secondly, when shooting with the focus jpi X-ray, the focal length must be equal to the focal length of the grid, so that the original X-ray can pass through the jpi X-ray more evenly and reach the film in the largest amount.
Newheek jpi x ray is divided into many types, which can meet your different procurement needs.


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