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General parameters of x-ray grids.

Parameters of fine X ray grid

Newheek mainly has four different types of x-ray grids, movable x-ray grids can be used in power-frequency X-ray machines; stationary x-ray grids can be used in high-frequency X-ray machines, chest Mechanical parts, etc; DR special x-ray grids can be used in X-ray machines equipped with DR flat panel detectors; and circular x-ray grids can be installed in image intensifiers for C-arm, perspective machines.

Newheek x-ray grids have two sizes: 14 “x17” and 17 “x17”. The raster ratio, raster density and focal length are usually selected according to customer’s requirements. We have 8:1, 10:1 and other raster ratios to choose. The focal length can be selected as 100cm, 120cm, 130cm, 150cm, etc. It is basically universal for gate density 40L/cm.

Jpi x ray performance advantages

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