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Grid for clearer images

The grid filters the scattered rays through multiple grids with a fixed radius to filter out this part of the scattered rays, and try to keep only the straight rays, so as to improve the imaging clarity. Generally, the grid is installed on the filming frame and the filming bed, and different positions have different requirements for the focal length of the grid. It is usually used to take chest X-rays when it is installed on a film stand. At this time, a grid with a focal length of 1.8 meters should be selected. When it is installed on a filming bed, a grid with a focal length of 1 meter should be selected. If the focal length of the grid is selected incorrectly, the captured image will be uneven, and the image shooting effect will be poor, which will affect the doctor’s diagnosis.
The internal structure of the grid is made up of many thin lead strips intersecting and arranged. The grid density refers to the number of lead strips within a unit distance range. The larger the grid density value, the stronger the ability to filter out scattered rays. Although the grid can effectively filter out scattered rays, attention should also be paid to the correct use and placement, for example: the grid cannot be reversed; the center of the X-ray should be aligned with the center of the grid; when tilting the X-ray tube, tilt The direction can only be parallel to the direction in which the lead strips are arranged, so that the function of the grid can be fully exerted and a clear and sharp image can be obtained!
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