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How to choose a suitable x-ray grid?

What are the precautions X-ray machines are common equipment in radiology departments. Now many X-ray machines are upgraded with Le DR. In the DR system, flat panel detectors and x-ray grid are a good pair. The grid can filter stray rays to improve image clarity. So how to choose a suitable x-ray grid? What are the precautions?
If you want to choose a suitable grid, you must first determine the parameters. The grid has four important parameters, which are size, focal length, grid density and grid ratio. If you want to buy a grid, you must be clear about these four parameters, and these four parameters are indispensable, and if one is missing, you cannot buy a grid. The size of the grid is generally matched with the size of the plate, and the focal length depends on the matching machine, and the rest of the parameters depend on the situation. When purchasing a x-ray grid , these four parameters are the biggest considerations. In addition, the grid is divided into square and round, and the square is used with the tablet, and the round is used with the video.
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