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Grid for use in X-ray machines

The purpose of the filter grid in the X-ray machine is to absorb stray scattered rays, which can not only make the image clearer, but also reduce the amount of unnecessary X-ray radiation received by patients and doctors. The selection of the grid is mainly determined by four parameters: size, focal length, grid ratio and grid density.
The wire grid in the X-ray machine is mainly installed in the photographic frame and the photographic flat bed, which determines the focal length of the wire grid. Generally, the wire grid installed in the photographic frame selects a focal length of 1.8 meters, and is installed in the photographic frame. For use in a flat bed, choose a grid with a focal length of 1 meter. The size of the grid depends on the size of the flat panel detector or cassette of the imaging system. For example, a 15*18 size grid should be selected for a 14*17 flat panel detector. The commonly used grid ratios are 12:1, 10:1 and 8:1. Customers can choose according to their needs. The commonly used grid density is 103 lines/IN.
In addition to conventional grids, Sinovel provides customized grids. If you have special specifications and parameters, please call for consultation.

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